Lakemore is a values-led organization that serves a global clientele of institutional investors and aims to deliver attractive returns by investing primarily in super-majority control equity positions of new issue U.S. CLOs.

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Super-majority control U.S. CLO equity fund manager.

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Methodical, defensive, and cycle-aligned investment strategy.

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Unparalleled, consistent track record, led by a deeply experienced investment team that has worked together since the inception of the CLO market.

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Values-led organization, committed to an ethical, respectful, and transparent partnership culture that aligns our longstanding, global team with clients’ performance objectives.

About Lakemore PartnersWe are Committed to Doing Business Transparently and Ethically.

We live our principles every day to build strong, trusting relationships with our team, our partners, and with our investors.

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Why LakemoreA Supportive Culture where our Employees can Thrive.

Our team is our greatest asset — we are committed to our employees and work diligently to foster a collaborative, supportive and transparent culture where they can thrive

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Our Approach

Lakemore’s methodical, defensive, and cycle-aligned risk allocation strategy focuses on providing institutional investors with stable earnings, enhanced returns, and a dispersion of risk.

Our TeamDiverse Credit Experts

Lakemore’s diverse team of credit experts draws upon its vast experience in global markets to provide institutional investors with unique, in-depth perspectives to help them achieve their investment goals.

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Our latest news, corporate updates, and key insights on current trends